Arrested for Meth Possession in San Angelo? Read This

Without pleading guilty in a plea agreement, defendants also can prevail in San Angelo’s courts with various meth charge defenses.

Your meth defense lawyer’s defense against a meth charge can include challenging San Angelo police or Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office Deputies testimony and the sufficiency of evidence.

Meth is considered a controlled substance in Texas Statutes.

How to defend a meth charge

A defense lawyer for a methamphetamine possession case, particularly in San Angelo, can challenge the constitutionality of the stop, search or interrogation which led to the arrest. For instance, if police performed a search and found meth in your possession but had no warrant or a flimsy case for probable cause, the evidence gained could be suppressed in court.

If the stop was an illegal traffic stop, for example, a good defense attorney can make the case the stop was for an insufficient reasons and get the evidence collected thrown out of court.

Keep in mind that convictions for Penalty Group 1 drug charges, which is meth possession in Tom Green County, depend on proving that the defendant intended to possess the drug. Innocent bystanders may have had the drug planted on them or may have been in the vicinity of another person’s meth. In some of these cases, you can be found innocent.

If meth is found in a house, that doesn’t mean everyone in the house is guilty of possessing it. Prosecutors must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person in that house intended to possess the meth.

Prison time for meth?

The charges for possession or distribution of meth can escalate quickly. Usually a possession charge of less than 1 gram of methamphetamine is a State Jail Felony with prison time 6 months to 2 years. Possessing 1-4 g increases a defendant’s risk with a third degree felony and that carries with it a possible prison term of 2-10 years. Possessing 4-200g is 5-99 years. With the higher quantity of meth, you can also could be concurrently charged with delivery or manufacturing the drug.

How severe the penalty is greatly relies on your previous record. A defendant with no record can argue successfully oftentimes for probation time in lieu of prison time. If you have a record, a good defense attorney with experience can mitigate as much of the impact of a previous record as possible.

Arrested for Drugs like Meth? Get an Experienced San Angelo Meth Defense Lawyer

Not all individuals arrested for meth possession are guilty nor do they necessarily deserve prison time. If you or a loved needs help with your Tom Green County district court case, talk to Brian Raymond, a very knowledgeable meth defense lawyer.