DWI Defense In San Angelo & Tom Green County, Texas

DWI AttorneyA DWI conviction can ruin your life, which is why it is so important to talk to an attorney if you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated. If you are like most people in your situation, you have never been charged with a crime before. You may not realize how serious DWI charge is. You are facing a criminal conviction, which can carry serious fines, loss of your license and even time behind bars. If you are convicted, it will follow you around for years, possibly making it more difficult to find work and advance in your career. Whether you are facing your first DWI charge or you have been convicted before, it is imperative that you contact our firm immediately.

Our firm has worked with numerous DWI clients to help them get better results from their cases than they ever would have been able to had they gone it alone. While there is a fee for our services, the amount you pay for a good attorney will pale in comparison to the overall cost should you be charged in full by the state of Texas. Our firm can often get your charges reduced – and maybe even dropped – which will result in less severe penalties.

Most people do not realize how inconvenient it can be to have their license revoked until they are actually unable to drive. Keeping your job, taking care of your family, shopping, relaxing – all become much more challenging when you have to request rides everywhere. While there is no guarantee in a DWI case, you can depend on us to fight hard to ensure that you retain your driving privileges.

If you have been arrested for DWI, please contact Brian Raymond Law as soon as you have the opportunity. The sooner we talk to you about your situation, the sooner we can help you resolve it.