Criminal Defense In San Angelo & Tom Green County, Texas

Crime scene brian raymond lawGetting arrested or accused of a crime can be a terrifying experience. One day you are living your life, going about your business, and the next you are being threatened with the loss of your freedom and your good reputation. Depending on the severity of the crime you are accused of, you could be facing heavy fines and possibly time behind bars. Should you be convicted, your life as you know it will be permanently altered.

When you are in a situation like this, it is easy to feel like you are completely alone. But you are not alone. At Brian Raymond Law, you will find a legal team that believes in standing up for everyday people who find themselves in extremely difficult situations. The criminal law system is almost impossible to navigate without extensive legal training, which puts the average person at a serious disadvantages. Our firm helps level the playing field. No matter how hard the prosecution may come at you, you can depend on us to be there for you – fighting hard on your behalf.

Standing Up For Your Rights

Our firm is a passionate advocate for the rights of our clients. No matter what you are accused of, you deserve a solid defense team that will make sure you are treated fairly by the courts. We will carefully examine all facets of your case to determine the best way to build your defense. Each case is different, which is why it is so important to take an individualized approach.

If you or someone you care about has been arrested or accused of a crime in San Angelo & Tom Green County, Texas, please contact our firm immediately to schedule a free initial consultation. You can speak with an attorney at no initial cost to you, so you can learn about your options and find the best way to protect yourself.